Hair transplants

We regularly receive questions about the causes of hair loss and what can be done about it. Subconsciously, many men worry about a receding hairline. Because we think it is important to be able to advise our customers about this, we have teamed up with Hair Clinic Wolf, a specialist in hair transplants By sharing knowledge we can tell you everything. Do you have questions? Feel free to drop by!


Losing hair is a natural process, because a person loses between fifty and a hundred hairs every day. However, normally new hairs are added as well. As a result, there is no question of going bald. If you suffer from excessive hair loss, this can cause bald spots. There are several causes of excessive hair loss. For example, it can be a result of stress.


A hair transplant in Turkey at Hair Clinic Wolf is a permanent solution for hair loss. It will help you take back control of your appearance, look younger and boost your confidence and lifestyle. With the hair transplant there is a solution to permanently restore lost hair.

In a hair transplant, healthy hair follicles, which are not prone to hair loss, are moved from the back of your head to the area where the baldness occurs. These hair follicles will start to produce new hairs over time, making the bald spots disappear.

A hair transplant is performed under local anaesthetic. Because of the local anesthetic and because the hair transplant is performed by a professional team, a hair transplant is not invasive for the patient.

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